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It is with sadness that I write that Liffey slipped into forever slumber on Wednesday, 27th July. 2016.
Our partnership lasted a few months short of ten years, and, though fit and ‘healthy’, she became ill five days previous to Wednesday which turned out to be a very aggressive gallbladder cancer.
A week on life is still far from normal. She is the first I think of on waking, and last thought in my mind before sleep.
She was a huge character, thankfully big enough to have left me with wonderful memories, which are cushioning the deep sorrow.
Yesterday I brought home her ashes, she is back where she belongs.
In a couple of weeks or so I will be releasing her onto ‘our’ beach. Who knows, there may be a muddy puddle too..
She will never be far from my thoughts.
At the end of August I will begin the process of waiting for my next dog. They will never be a replacement, but my heart has room for another pair of ears.
Thank you for reading.

Posted by: lyntoo | August 3, 2016

Autumn Walk at Ightham Mote….

Last Sunday Mum, Sis and I went to Ightham Mote to meet other Hearing Dogs, especially two of my special friends Tessa and Echo.🙂 (You might remember Echo, she stoll my thunder at a collection in Ashford a while back! But, I don’t blame her, she is so very CUTE! <3)

There were 30 people who turned up to walk to raise money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, to help train more dogs like me, Tessa and Echo.🙂 And what lovely people they were! We all had a great time.

We also had a very special person come, Polly Evans, from BBC South East News. She is so very very nice! I loved meeting her.🙂 She also took part in the short walk (there are 3 or 4 routes, of various distances and difficulty). We also walked the short walk to keep Tessa and her Mum company, which was a good thing because Mum’s a slow coach! My sis took my lead so I could walk ahead some of the time, I don’t like being behind!!😀 But even then Polly and the others were well ahead.🙂

The weather was absolutely fantastic! Just like a summer day.🙂 After the walk Tessa and I decided to look round the house and gardens. As we are registered assistance dogs we get to go to some really interesting places with our humans.🙂 The National Trust guides were so friendly, they really liked meeting Tessa and me.🙂 So did the other people looking round, Tessa and I were great ambassadors on the day, Mum said.🙂 Echo’s Mum has had an operation on her foot, so she couldn’t do any walking, round the house either.😦 But she got to meet lots of people in the restaurant where she was offering information, and accepting the very kind donations.

All in all it was a really really nice day! And thank you Polly for coming to join us.🙂

Also thank you to Aunty Sue Pellow, Hearing Dogs for Deaf People’s local fund raising coordinator, she works really hard. She also had the help of Uncle Brian and Aunty Margaret, volunteers who run a local fund raising group in Thanet called Bumble’s Branch.🙂

I hope you like the photos below.🙂

Organisers, Hearing Dogs and their humans. Polly Evans is in the centre. (I am just out of frame).

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The Wonders Of DNA

Some of the mystery solved…

Mum has always wondered what multitude of breeds of dogs went together over my previous generations of family to make such a perfect hound as me.❤ She learned from a friend that she could take some swabs inside my cheek and send them off to test my DNA.

The results are back!

They found 4 most dominant DNA Labrador Retriever, Australian Kelpie, Smooth Haired Fox Terrier and Greyhound!

Well, Mum is fascniated, she now knows where I get my agility and my long toes from, my feet look just like an Australian Kelpie’s, and they were bread, by crossing Boarder Collies with Dingoes, for herding cows and sheep. Apparently when herding sheep they don’t go around the herd, but cut across by running across their backs to get to the other side! No wonder I’m so agile! And, as Mum suspected, I get my speed from the Greyhound ancestor, my sniff ability from the Fox Terrier, and my loveability from the Labrador. (As well as my floppy ears!)

Kelpies have an interesting history, Border Collies were taken to Australia in the early 1800s, and crossed with Dingoes, Australia’s wild dog. In 1870, the Australian Kelpie was registered as a breed. She feels I look most like them, apart from the ears!

Mum used a company known as Blackdog DNA, but there are others.

Mum and I don’t like the dark evenings! It gets dark so fast! And I don’t like the dark days, give me sunshine any time! But as she says, it won’t be ‘too long’ till Spring……….. really………

I had my yearly assessment last week, this time we went out and about so our Partnership Instructor could see how well behaved I am in shops, cafes, and then off lead playing on The Green. We had a lot of fun. And she said I was brilliant, and she has no worries about me at all.🙂

My brother has a new car, it’s a racing car! But he can drive it as an every day car. I like it because I can hear him coming, I sat up and looked out of the window the other day and Mum wondered what I was looking at. She laughed when she saw it was him.

My last health check was great, now I am on Royal Canin Neutered variety food my weight keeps nice and steady, and the vet says my coat is great with it too. Mum only gets the 10 Kilo bags, as she found when we got to the last 4K or 5K bags of the 14 Kilo bags I got scratchy. We decided it was storage mite which must have grown over time once the bag was opened. Now I don’t get the itch each time we get to the bottom of the bag.🙂 So even though it costs more to do it that way, she saves money from me having to see the vet and have steriods to stop the itch. Also, less steroid is better, having them too often isn’t good for the bones. So I haven’t had a bad itch for months now.🙂 Mum makes sure she hoovers too, and dusts, to keep down housedust mite, as I am allergic to those too. She got a steam cleaner recently, that’ll help keep them at bay even more.🙂

We hope you are all keeping well, and wonder if you’re getting ready for Christmas already…. Mum hasn’t started yet!

Bye for now.😉

Posted by: lyntoo | September 5, 2012

No photos for the moment…..

Not sure ‘why’ but it is taking an absolute AGE to updload photos… so we will have to give them a miss for now. Sorry.😦

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Here again! :-)

Mum went on holiday, she said she’d had enough of no sun here, so went off to Malta for a couple of weeks!! I told her I didn’t want to go, far too hot for me! So she said I could stay with Nan and Granddad. She told them they must not make me fat!! lol!! They tend to be a bit ‘naughty’, but I don’t mind. I like staying with them, i get to walk to the paper shop each morning with Granddad, and he takes me for a ball chuck in the afternoon too. And I LOVE their garden.❤ But I do ‘not’ like not going into shops and restaurants with them…😦 Makes me sad. But they can’t take me because Mum and I are the registered pair. People think it is the dogs which have the access rights to public places, but it isn’t. I can only go into shops etc with Mum. So that is the downside of my holiday….. Never mind, it soon passes. Then when Mum got home (she’d turned brown!!) life was back to normal, and while I was happy ‘enough’ with Nan and Granddad, I was very happy to be back to normal.🙂

We’re very excited, it’s the Hearing Dogs for Deaf People Summer Show soon, we can’t wait! We’re going to meet up with friends and their dogs, some we haven’t met face to face before. Outside the beer tent at a particular time… (Mum felt most people would easily find the beer tent!😀 ) The show was cancelled in June because of the horrid weather, it was just too wet!😦 Hopefully next June it will be back to normal.🙂

Do try and come, it’s great fun!

My sister took some great photos of me in action on the beach, I love the beach, especially now the tourists are not so numerous…. We love them, they spend money in our town, but it’s nice to get ‘our’ beach back.🙂 Hopefully Mum won’t muck up putting them on here, it’s sad sometimes… she gets in a muddle and things go wrong…..:/ Well… it’s uploading………slowly…….. We think we may just leave it at one photo, sorry..😉 We’re going to publish this post and see if the picture appears… it’s just taking so long!!

Take care all. xx


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Just a quickie to start.

This is a fantastic story about a 5 year old boy called Logan who made his own Olypmic Torch and sold it on e-bay, it has taken off and is on it’s way round the country!


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I’m Back!

I’m so sorry for the delay in updates, Mum’s laptop has been playing silly wotsits! She said it’s been over-worked and it slowed it right down and made it do silly things… So, now I have a nice new(er) laptop, and I am back!
Mum’s going to help me find photos and to remember what I’ve been up to the past few months…:-/ (But I have to say, her memory isn’t what it was you know………)
I hope you’re OK, and not too dried out, or swimming!! Mum says it’s the wettest drought she’s known in the South East!
Bye for now.😉

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It’s Christmas!!

We can’t believe it’s already Christmas!! And will soon be 2012 too!! Sorry I’ve not been around much, our laptop is getting soooo sloooooow! It takes Mum ages to get done what she needs to do, and sadly it’s left little time for me to get a go too!😦

Mum gave me an early Christmas present. She has “finally” found me an safe, and great, alternative to bone!! I am so happy!! Now I can chew to my hearts content without getting an upset tummy, and it isn’t “plastic”!!! It’s called an Antler chew. Man made out of healthy things which are good for me, it’s just like real bone!! It looks like an antler, hence the name.🙂 I was so happy, that when Mum gave it to me I spent 3 hours solid chewing on it!! I had so much pent up chew urge in me, it took ages to appease it!🙂

We got it from some lovely people called Pure Dog. Their website is

Because I have such a strong jaw (Mum reckons I have an ancestor which was a Rottie!!) it has taken some hunting over the past 5 years for Mum to find me something I can really (not) get my teeth into! Our friend Lara, who has lots of dogs, told us about these chews. We’re so grateful!🙂

We would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas! Please enjoy the Jacquie Lawson card by clicking on the link below.

You can view your card here

See you in the New Year! xxx

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An Evening Out With Friends……..

Mum and I had a great evening out with our friends from our church last Friday. They came over our way, to a pub nearby, where they do delicious Fish and Chips (I just have to take Mum’s word that it was delicious!!)

We hadn’t been to The Pilot pub before, so Mum was a little worried, remembering the past couple of times we have not been made welcome in other pubs…. But we didn’t need to worry, they were lovely!

We even noticed that they have a collection box for stamps, they were collecting for Guide Dogs, but didn’t know that they aren’t using stamps anymore. So Mum explained that Hearing Dogs for Deaf People are using them. They said they will collect them for HDfDP now, so that is great! When Sue has sent us a poster we will go and “convert” the box so people know their stamps are being used to train more lovely dogs like moi!😀

You can see how you can help by collecting used stamps and in other different ways here:-

It’s such a great way to help, we know people don’t have a lot of money…

But, don’t forget, you can get nice things for Christmas from Hearing Dogs too!

Mum says she MUST get started with getting Christmas cards done… (She always leaves it too late!! One year she ‘will’ learn!!) She knows that Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye now! We have lots of things happening over the next few weeks, Christmas dinners, and other stuff!

Have a happy week. x

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Re my August 4th post…..

It’s good news. Hadrian has now completed all his marathons! His last one was recently in Toronto Canada! Such a lot of running!! And his lovely wife also got into the act in Toronto and ran the half marathon to help raise money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People.

I hope their feet done ache too much, and thank I thank Hadrian, his wife, and Specsavers Hearing Aid service (where Hadrian is an audiologist) for their sponsoriship of him to enable him to do this for HDfDP.

Such wonderful people.🙂

Well, the clocks have gone back, and now it’s dark so early!! But we have also begun the dreaded firework season with a BANG! I don’t like fireworks…😦 I don’t get as frightened as I used to.. But… I have a “safe corner” in our house where I hide away on my bed, waiting for the noise to stop. Mum knows she can’t help me feel better, so makes me as comfy as she can in my corner. I’m best left alone….😉 Mum says it’s not right that Fireworks can go off at any time, she thinks there should be a law saying they can go off for things like Bonfire Night and New Year, with a day or two either side to make it flexible for people, but otherwise that should be “it”. We had more fireworks nearby last night! We’ve had them every night now since, and including, the 4th. She says she won’t be surprised to see me go to my corner tonight too at this rate….😦 But now Fireworks have been sold she knows people will be using them for all sorts of reasons now……. Ho hum… Roll on Spring.😉

We hope everyone is keeping warm, it’s certainly more chilly now…. Soon be time to get my winter jacket out of the cupboard.🙂

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